More and more people have discovered the enjoyment of sailing for pleasure, which in its own way can be as equally rewarding a way to spend time on the water. Boats offer a freedom like no other. Simply check the weather forecast, invite some friends, stock up with provisions and take off for the day, a weekend of even longer. That is cruising in a nutshell: sociable sailing with the chance to discover new destinations and enjoy new experiences

The RYCV cruising group known as SS Rendezvous has a host of group-orientated cruising events scheduled throughout the year where members either sail together or meet up at the destination. SS Rendezvous events are organised cruising events open to all boats.  The aim of SS Rendezvous events is to provide events for boats who do not necessarily want to race and to racing boats who also want to cruise.

At SS Rendezvous events, the destination place and time are stipulated and boats are encouraged to arrive as close to that time as possible.  Motoring is allowed as the emphasis is on passage planning, good seamanship and camaraderie.

SS Rendezvous cruises are not usually supported by club safety boats and cruisers are expected ensure that appropriate safety standards for their boat are maintained.  As usual, the decision to cruise resides with the skipper.  AYF category 5 is recommended for events within the bay.

The boat that arrives closest to the rendezvous time will receive a small prize.  Extra prizes and kudos are awarded for stylish parking / anchoring (awarded in a completely arbitrary fashion).

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Volunteer to Organise a Cruising Event

Organising any event can be very time consuming, so we are always looking for volunteers to help us organise and promote cruising events. It would be greatly appreciated if you could nominate yourself as the main contact and organiser of the event to help ensure the RYCV cruising community stays strong.

Please contact Andy Merlot or Jen Thompson on 0423 108 298 or at for further information on organising an event.