The Royal Yacht Club of Victoria welcomes new sailors and new members. People of all backgrounds, ages and abilities are encouraged to discover sailing - no prior experience is necessary. If you are intersected in trying sailing you can contact us for more information about all our programs and sailing opportunities that are available at the club. We offer courses in getting to grips with both keelboats and dinghies, depending on your preference.

What the difference? Dinghies are single or two-person light, planning hull, centerboard boats. They are easy to handle in light to medium winds and offer an exhilarating ride when the breeze comes up. Body weight is used to balance the boat against the wind. Keelboats are larger than dinghies, typically being around 20-30ft in length. Many classes are much less physically demanding than dinghies, making them ideal for those who are less active or who have disabilities.

To try sailing for the first time we can arrange a Discover Sailing experience which is ideal for people who are new to sailing. In the three-hour session you will receive a briefing on safety and sailing before we head out on the water for a thrilling and enjoyable sail in a fun and safe environment. Our fully qualified Australian Sailing (formerly Yachting Australia) instructors will be at hand at all times. Upon returning to the shore you will be invited back to our clubrooms for a complimentary drink while we debrief from the days sailing. Partners, friends, families and work colleagues can all take part together for a great day out. Bookings can be made as a group, or individually if you would like to meet others who are new to sailing. Discover Sailing days are also held by the club on a regular basis which are free for members of the public.

If you would like to learn some new skills or sharpen some old ones, sailing classes are available for all ages and abilities. Sailing classes are available in Keelboats (large boats) or small boats to cater for all interests. Regular classes are also held for our Junior Learn to Sail Program, Tackers. Like the Discover Sailing experiences there are programs offered for both groups and individuals.

For more information or to book, you can contact the club by calling (03) 9397 1277 or emailing us at You can also subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook or Twitter for frequent updates.

Need a boat to sail on?

With many designs needing crews of three (or more) there are always owners on the lookout for reliable crew, so if you cannot afford to buy your own boat, this is one of the most cost effective routes into sailing.

If you are a more experienced sailor and/or you would like to get involved in club racing, you can look at our 'Crew Wanted' message board. Contact the club by emailing us at to take advantage of one of these sailing opportunities.


Becoming a member at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria not only welcomes you to become a part of the close sailing community, it also grants you access to a number of great benefits at the club. Day Passes are available for casual sailors, but if you are a regular visitor at the club you are encouraged to consider signing up for one of our many membership options. Take a look at our membership page for more information on how you can join.